We serve you. If you’re an individual, business or organization in Central Maine, or if you have business with Maine state government, we’re your law firm.

Whether you have a specific issue in one of our practice areas, need an agile firm with the experience and dedication to serve as general counsel to your business, or need help navigating the complexities of local government or monitoring what is happening at the State House, we are here to serve you.

If there is something that you need that we don’t do–we know the people who can. We are happy to help you network with fellow members of the legal, advocacy, and business community in the area who can support your mission and business goals in our region.

Our location in Augusta is ideal for our work with state government and means that you always have a partner in the Capital. If you are located nearby, in the Midcoast, Downeast, in the County, the Western Foothills, or Southern Maine–we have you covered.