Who We Are

Cloutier Carrillo’s attorneys are firmly rooted in Central Maine and have abiding respect for the region, its resources, its beauty, and its people.

We love living here and we want to help our neighbors and area business and organizations to thrive.  We want to assist all clients in accessing local and state government so their voices can be heard, and the state of Maine can work for all Mainers. Our practice is designed to achieve these goals.

We feel strongly that a breadth of life experience is critical to our ability to counsel clients.  So, law isn’t all we do.

We pursue our passions–like crafting art in the fire of a kiln, casting a fly rod for a drag-free drift, and dialing the perfect guitar tone through a vintage tube amplifier. We are raising families. And, as members of the Central Maine community, we are committed to giving back to organizations and causes that make us all stronger and more vibrant.

Dennis and Teresa