Client needs are changing at the speed of light and law firms need to keep up.

Traditional law firm cost structures can create insurmountable barriers to clients seeking help. Often, the “solution” offered is ill-fitted to the real-world problem facing the client, even if the client can afford it.

After seeing these issues firsthand, we resolved to provide another path. Our practice at Cloutier Carrillo | Capital City Law is designed to provide value to our clients in keeping with the price tag for our services.

We have decades of combined experience, including the handling of complex matters requiring sophisticated knowledge and problem-solving skills. Our goal is to couple this breadth of knowledge and a holistic, big-picture approach with nimble legal services that can adapt to a rapidly-changing world. 

Some of the most-complicated problems can have simple, elegant solutions, when creative, outside-the-box thinking is applied.

To that end, we strive to be practical, flexible, and innovative in our approach, with our clients’ best interests at the forefront. We incorporate technology and innovative practice management to maximize efficiency and client-convenience. We also strive to retain a professional staff and cultivate a workplace built on respect and trust that informs and supports our interactions with clients and those we deal with on their behalf.

Our Practice Areas