Whether you are an individual citizen, property owner, hold an individual professional license, or run a business, government regulation and agency enforcement can significantly impact you.

The attorneys at Cloutier Carrillo regularly represent clients before state boards, commissions, and agencies, ranging from the Board of Licensure in Medicine, to the Well and Water Drillers’ Commission, to the Department of Health and Human Services. We also have experience representing clients in connection with federal agency action, such as Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) audits.

We use a collaborative approach to build cooperative working relationships with the agencies that regulate our clients. This can involve proactively contacting regulators in anticipation of potential issues. It can involve tracking proposed rules, when relevant to our clients’ interests, and participating in the rulemaking process to ensure those interests are properly and persuasively represented.

In the event clients need to challenge regulations or enforcement actions, we combine our substantive knowledge of the relevant regulatory framework with our knowledge of administrative law, including the legal standards governing agency action, to protect them from illegal or arbitrary governmental interference through all levels of appeal, and in Court, if needed.

Finally, located in the capitol, we are uniquely positioned to monitor state legislation and take defensive action as needed, or to craft and help clients advocate for legislative solutions to their problems and challenges.