Whether you are starting up a business or non-profit, seeking to reorganize or expand, or just need to manage your business’ legal needs to keep it on track and thriving, Cloutier Carrillo can help.

Business Corporations and Non-Profits

Our attorneys can assist with corporate formation, reorganizations, and sales, acquisitions, and mergers. We also routinely provide legal and strategic planning advice to non-profit and other tax-exempt organizations, including advice relating to governance and corporate formation.

Political Entities

Dovetailing with our governmental relations practice, we advise clients seeking to effect political change through political organizations, with expertise in the law governing Section 527 political organizations or PACs and 501(4) advocacy organizations, including permissible affiliations with other entities such as 501(c)(3) corporations. We also advise clients on campaign finance rules, election law, lobbying regulations, and government ethics requirements, as needed.

General Counsel

Cloutier Carrillo serves as general counsel for several business and non-profit clients. In this role, the firm’s attorneys advise clients on corporate governance and reporting requirements, protect client interests through contract drafting and review, advise clients on risk management, insurance coverage, and dispute resolution, and help clients navigate their obligations as employers, among other things.

If you are a business or non-profit in Central Maine, there is a good chance that you either contract with the government or receive state or federal grants.

Cloutier Carrillo can facilitate your financial and legal dealings with Augusta-based agencies and assist with regulatory compliance in connection with public contracts, grant funding, administration, and reporting.

Real Estate

Cloutier Carrillo assists clients with commercial and residential real estate transactions, including any due diligence work that is requested. We advise clients with respect to real estate development, including land use permitting on the local, state, and federal level and financing. We are a licensed agent for Chicago Title, with authority to issue owners’ and lenders’ title policies.